Fairies By David Rivera

Not everyone I draw is a superhero. Waaay back when I was about 18 or so, I started a series of drawings. There ended up being about 12 images altogether in that series. Each one was supposed to depict a specific emotion or feeling that I had experienced the day that it was drawn. (anger, happiness, loneliness, vanity, strength, etc…) People used to always ask why I drew fairies. Well, I never like drawing myself. That’s just not interesting enough. On the other hand, women are always interesting. So, I did it because at the time, I wanted to draw something supernatural-esque but, would have felt bad drawing angels that looked that “sexy”. Anyway, the drawings were about 18×24 each, done completely with crayola colored pencils (before I could afford prismas) and had lots of details. These are just some thumbnail crops of really old scans. One day I will scan all the images again in their entirety. Just thought I would share.