3D art series

This is my 3D series that I did for the RAW showcase called “Mixology” on July 26th 2012. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to show support for local arts and creativity in general. It was such a good time!

FYI, all these images are available as autographed limited edition prints and include the 3D glasses. Contact me if you are interested!

3D Haunted Red Head

The second most popular piece. People seemed to like the 3D of the skulls.

3D Batman Colorado Benefit Painting

Tribute to the Colorado shooting victims. There’s a bat for each person that died on that day. ALL proceeds from this go to the victims and their families.

3D Steampunk Craziness

The most popular piece from my set. People love robots. Even malfunctioning ones.

3D Mechdusa Hologram

A 3D cross between sci-fi and mythology!

3D Seahorse Bubbles

3D image based on an odd daydream I had.

3D Adriana Lima

A 3D twist to my pen and ink (stipple) image of Adriana Lima.